How To I Use The Email Tools?

Visit our Email Tools page and sign in with your Email Address and Password. There you will be presented with the below options.

Blacklist: Here you can specify email addresses, or entire domains you with to block. To blacklist an entire domain, use the @ symbol then the domain name. eg.

Whitelist: Here you can specify email address, or entire domains you wish to trust. Emails to you from the emails and domains you supply will not be blocked unless they have violated server restrictions.

Spam Quarantine: While most spam is safely identified and rejected out right, some email of more questionable validity will be stored in our Spam Quarantine. Here you can view the sender email address and subject line and decide whether to leave it in Quarantine (will be deleted automatically after 15 days) or release it to your mail box.

If you find that a lot of your email is finding its way into quarantine, try to lower your Spam Threat Level or whitelist the sender.

Modify Your Spam Level: As you set more aggressive controls on your mail, you will notice the associated Numerical Score getting lower. All Email is assigned a spam score based on its content. If an email's Spam Score is equal to -- or higher than -- your Spam setting it will be sent to your personal Quarantine.

The Quarantine will hold your email for 15 days before being deleted forever. If a email has a Spam Score of 30 or higher it is deleted out right. Likewise, for emails containing Viruses or Executable files which may contain viruses.

Our recommendation is that you raise this level slowly, and only over the period of a few days. Once you raise the level, it is recommended by KELCOM Internet that you check your quarantine at least once a day for the next two weeks, in case any emails you wished to receive have been blocked.

If you find that emails from someone you regularly communicate with are being sent to your quarantine in error; add their email address to the Whitelist -- See Menu -- and their emails to you will no longer be quarantined.

Please feel free to contact our technical support department with any questions you might have about this filtering system.

Auto-Responder: This will allow you to set a automatic message to be sent when you receive and email, for instance, when you are on vacation. Messages will only be sent to the same email once in a 24 hour period. When it is no longer needed, please deactivate it as it is an advertisement to spammers that your email address works.

Last Updated: Aug. 16, 2016, 12:05 p.m.